Sleepsacks and Mummification

Early on in My Dominant journey, I began playing with sleepsacks. The art of rope bondage had always fascinated Me, but I’d never heard the term “heavy bondage” before I started using sleepsacks. The compression, the immobilization, the deprivation – everything about sleepsacks appealed to and intrigued Me. The ability to zip someone up and have them completely at My mercy, the look in their eyes as they watched Me slowly pull up the zipper, swallowing them whole … the complete exchange of power that happens when I have a submissive snug as a bug in a magical, sleepsack rug of My own creation is intoxicating.

Mummification is something I was curious about for a few years before I dipped My toe into it. I remember holding the roll of saran wrap and molding it around My submissive, the transparent film becoming more and more opaque with each wrap, My submissive becoming more and more indistinguishable as I covered and encased him in plastic wrap … the difference in texture as I administered impact was so interesting.

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